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Arnaud Molinié founder and president of Capitello Group

"Our world is going through unprecedented transformations - in terms of their scope and speed - which are disrupting our economies, our companies and our lifestyles. Capitello Group operates at the heart of three sectors where these changes are particularly strong: the Media, the Medical sector and the new Mobilities.
These three "M's", which have a major impact on our daily lives, are areas that I know perfectly well and in which I have been passionately involved as an association leader, company director or entrepreneur.
Capitello Group's ambition is to contribute to imagining "the future" of these three sectors, by joining forces with leading partners. This ambition is closely linked to a state of mind: to analyse the evolution and needs of "our world" in order to build projects that provide innovative and meaningful solutions... because they are based on the combination of skills and talents as well as on the bonds of loyalty and friendship forged over time."



"The health emergency of the spring of 2020 acted on me as a revelation of the territorial and social inequalities in access to care and the need to provide sustainable solutions. Loxamed, the fruit of the association and intuitions that I shared with Frédéric Lefebvre, Éric Sebban and Gérard Deprez, aims to respond to this challenge by combining the use of the most sophisticated technologies, the remote intervention of doctors and partnerships with laboratories. In less than two years, Loxamed has become a trusted partner for local authorities, companies, events (cultural, sporting, professional), theatres and theme parks, to which it provides adapted solutions."



"Through my consulting activities at Deloitte, and then as Senior Vice President Mobility for the Renault Group, I have worked on issues related to the automobile. A sector which, under the combined effect of demographic and societal changes and the possibilities offered by technology, is undergoing a radical transformation of uses towards connected, carbon-free and service-based mobility. By creating Capitello Move, I want to open up new avenues and innovative mobility offers via strategic and original partnerships, in France and internationally."



"It is fascinating to see how much the media landscape has changed in a short period of time. I am convinced that the media of tomorrow will be created by strong industrial brands via over-the-top (OTT) media or web TV available anytime, from anywhere, and on any medium. I want to be part of this transformation and have teamed up with partners to develop OTT media."


Presentation of Capitello Group by Arnaud Molinié

Arnaud Molinié

in sixteen key dates

Chairman and founder of Capitello Conseil et Stratégies SARL, which became Capitello Group SAS in 2020

Chairman and co-founder of Capitello OTT SAS

Chairman and co-founder of Capitello Move SAS

Chairman and co-founder of Loxamed SAS; Chairman and co-founder of Diagfrance SAS

Vice President of Paris Television Center Ltd

Senior Vice President Mobility Worldwide, Renault Group

Senior advisor then partner at Deloitte France

"Emma peut-être": second novel published by Editions du Cherche-Midi

"What have you done with this love?"first novel published by Editions du Rocher

Director of Strategy and Development of Lagardère SCA. CEO of Lagardère Entertainment

a subsidiary of Lagardère Active, bringing together all the Lagardère Group's audiovisual production, live entertainment and artistic rights management activities; the leading French audiovisual production group (fiction, live action, animation)

Spokesperson for the management of the Lagardère Group

Managing Director of the Lagardère Group, Secretary of the Management Committee and Director of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation

Delegate for Public Relations and Press Relations of the Lagardère Group

Deputy Director of Communications, Lagardère Group

Director of Communications at Genopole (national genomics and genetics programme)

Telethon volunteer, Association française contre les myopathies (AFM)