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In March 2020, Loxamed was born with the ambition to support populations with limited access to care and medicine. With the pandemic, Loxamed accelerated its creation to also invest in the fight against the coronavirus and to propose mobile solutions for screening, diagnosis and vaccination.

Today, Loxamed's activity is based on three businesses:



teleconsultations in territories or countries with no, or difficult, access to care and treatment;



Screenings for various pathologies in addition to Coronavirus (HIV, hepatitis B and C, cancers, influenza, etc.);


the council

Supporting governments, local authorities and companies in building appropriate health strategies and protocols.

Loxamed has already enabled the screening of more than 500,000 people, offered teleconsultations to nearly 10,000 patients and has more than 200 clients among local and regional authorities (city of Paris, city of Nice, Ile-de-France region, Normandy region, etc.), transport (SNCF, Air France, etc.), companies (Axa, Disneyland Paris, Universal, etc.) as well as sports and cultural events (Accor Arena, French Rugby Federation, etc.).

As a promoter of healthcare solutions close to patients, Loxamed is strengthening its position by expanding its areas of intervention and continuing its development in Europe and internationally.


Matthieu Guillotin CEO of Capitello Med


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