new mobilities

In a world undergoing profound changes, the mobility sector is one of the most challenged. Starting with the major metropolises and accelerated by the fight for the environment, the transformation of mobility is strong and irreversible. The development of these "new mobilities" calls into question technologies, services, consumption patterns and therefore established positions. No one will emerge from this period unchanged and everyone must actively prepare for it. And as with any period of "transformation", it will reveal numerous opportunities that must be seized. It is with this in mind that Capitello Move - which brings together a network of experts in mobility, energy transition and institutional relations - was created.

Capitello Move has two main missions:


make strategic investments in start-ups and support them in their development;


advising companies and public bodies on their management of new mobility solutions.

Capitello Move's actions and investments are thus marked by the desire to invest in sustainable, highly digitised and therefore forward-looking mobility solutions.