the new connected televisions

For a long time, television was linear and depended on an intermediary. This is the case with cable TV, satellite TV or IPTV: in all these cases, a provider offers content through its own infrastructure. If we take the example of traditional television, a cable operator installs the cables, and the user can then watch what the cable operator is broadcasting at that moment. The type of content as well as the times of broadcasting are and will always be dictated from above, in an arbitrary way. OTT - an abbreviation for over-the-top - completely overturns this system.

The Internet service provider has no control or influence, so OTT services are decoupled from the infrastructure provider. In order to enjoy streaming services, users need an Internet connection, and usually install an application offered by the OTT provider. With this application, they can access the desired content at any time. Total freedom!

Gérard Ponson CEO Capitello OTT

Gérard Ponson

in five key dates

Partner in the company 6ième sens, web development agency.

Creation of websites and applications:,,, also the OTT Cheval TV and Win life Channel.

Chairman of the 100% owned SCPE. Co-creator of Tips magazine with Marie-Laurence Vieillard.

Development of pure player sites: Les dessous du sport, Easy French Cook, Fais-moi belle, Gossip & Fashion...

Associate Chairman of the Lagardère Group. Publisher of Entrevue and creator of the magazines Guts, Choc (with Marie-Laurence Vieillard), Maximal. Development of Choc TV.

Publisher and co-founder with Thierry Ardisson and Daniel Filipacchi of Entrevue magazine. Associated with the Hachette Filipacchi Group.

Creator of La Lettre J and Mag J magazine, associated with Pierre Bergé, chairman of the Yves Saint-Laurent group.